What Underrated Color Would Look Best on You?

Talin Vartanian

How often do you like to experiment with new makeup trends?

Do you like colors with some shimmer in them?

What's the best time of year to try new fashion trends?

Are you more of a blush, bronzer or a highlighter person?

You've got a coupon for a free lip product! Which of these would you choose?

If you were attending your best friend's wedding, what kind of dress would you wear?

Which of these beautiful flowers would you want in a bouquet?

If you were going on a tropical vacation, what kind of outfit would you wear?

Match your personality to one of these types of weather!

If you had an apron with a fruit on it, what type of fruit would it be?

Can you tell us what kind of eye color you have?

How do you like to play up your eye makeup?

Which of these 'eyeshadow names' sounds the most appealing to you?

How would you describe your inner beauty soul?

What's better for a party: mascara or false eyelashes?

If you could be one of these beautiful butterflies for a day, which would you want to be?

What's your secret to dewy skin?

How do you exfoliate your skin?

You have too many _________ in your makeup stash.

How do you take your coffee?

What influences you to buy a new makeup product?

Which of these facial masks do you use to hydrate your skin?

When you see a rainbow in the sky, how does it make you feel?

Do you have a more outgoing or shy personality?

What do you use to give your hair a glossy sheen?

Would you wear a dress that has flowers all over it?

Is your inner soul more masculine or feminine?

Do you have any highlights or lowlights in your hair?

Which of these shoes would you pair with a cocktail dress?

How would you style your hair for a date night?

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Image: chrisliu / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Have you ever wondered what underrated color would look the best on you? Would it be burgundy, brown, lime green ... or something more sunny? If you're losing sleep over this, don't worry, we're going to help you out with this makeup and fashion quiz! Just answer 30 questions about your beauty preferences to get matched to one of four underrated colors! 

Underrated colors are colors that are not worn too often. Some of these colors are hard to pull off when it comes to makeup and fashion choices, which is why colors like pink, black and purple are more common. 

If you want to add some underrated colors to your makeup stash, one important thing to remember is to keep it simple. For example, if you want to wear some orange lipstick, go for a light orange color with some clear lip gloss on top. Just keep the rest of your look simple to make your lips the focal point of your face. This can also be done with your eye makeup and cheeks as well! If you're going to accentuate one feature, it's important to downplay the rest of your features! Now, without further ado, it's time to take this beauty quiz to see which underrated color you should wear!

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