Quiz: What Will Be Written in Your Obituary?
What Will Be Written in Your Obituary?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: SHutterstock

About This Quiz

If there is one thing none of us like to think about, it is that our time is going to come someday, and when it does, people around us will remember us through what we gave to this world while we had our time in it. Do you ever wonder about when your time comes, what your obituary will say? 

The cool thing about an obituary is that it isn't just the sum of your accomplishments in the world, it is also about who you are as a person. So while it might talk about where you went to school, where you worked, and any big career accomplishments that you made, it also is going to be about your relationships with the people that were close to you and what kind of a person that you are. It might even talk about your hobbies and the things you liked to do for fun. 

So we know that you are still alive and kicking, and you will be around to enjoy your life for many years to come, but wouldn't it be cool to see what your obituary might say about you after you are gone? You can't take it with you, so take this quiz to find out.

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