What Will Your Occupation Be in a Future Life?

Teresa McGlothlin

Which of these things do you hope we have in the future?

What do you like most about the job you have now?

Which of your traits would make you a good stock broker?

In the future, do you think we'll live past 100?

How would you describe your bedside manner?

Do you think your current job will be needed in the future?

If you met an alien, what would you ask about their species?

Which of these inventions did you think we would have by now?

Do you usually work a lot of overtime?

If we asked your boss about your work, what would they say?

What do you bring to the table during work meetings?

Would you enjoy working in future food service?

If you worked at an airport, which job would you have?

Let's time travel — where do you want to go?

Do you believe that people can accurately predict the future?

What part of your job do you think could be improved in the future?

How well could you handle working remotely?

Have you recently updated your LinkedIn profile?

Where do you see your career in 10 years?

Which industry will dominate the world in 50 years?

If you could have yourself revived in the next century, would you?

Which of your current job skills will serve you well later?

Would you say you are tech savvy?

Which business leader has made the biggest impact on future jobs?

Are you open to working with children?

Do you ever wish your coworkers were robots?

Which sort of intelligence do you use at your job?

Do you see yourself changing careers or staying in the same lane?

Which character from "Back to the Future" is your boss most like?

If you could look into the future, what would you want to know?

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Image: Donald Iain Smith/Photodisc/Getty Images

About This Quiz

If it were easy to know what we are going to be doing in the future, everyone would be doing it. Since it's not as easy as we wish, we've taken the guesswork out of your life and created a way for you to find out. Once you answer our questions about your skills, your hopes for tomorrow and where you see yourself in the future, we think we'll know how you'll bring home the futuristic bacon.

Throughout the history of time, modern inventions have changed the way we work. From the internet to farming machinery, technological advancement has made our lives easier and given us brand new fields to explore. When you think ahead to a future version of yourself, what do you see yourself doing for work?

Before you make steam come out your ears trying to figure it all out, we recommend taking this quiz. After we see the way you view your future self, figuring out the occupation you will hold will be easy. While you may not have considered the results we have come up with, you will get a brand new insight about what you are going to be doing. Are you ready to look into the binary crystal ball and find out?

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