What Would Be Your Job in the Royal Court?

Brian Whitney

Other people on the court are saying bad things about you; what do you do?

Would you give up your job on the court to help the poor?

Would you betray a friend if it meant the king liked you more?

Your friends say your best quality is...

What is your job at the bar?

You just got caught by your partner having an affair; what do you do?

How do you flirt with someone you like?

What do you do when a dignitary arrives from away?

What do you do at a dance club?

What is your relationship like with your parents?

How many close friends do you have?

What were you like in school?

Would you ever betray a close friend?

Would you want a lifelong commitment to one partner?

What do you do if you loaned someone money and didn't get it back?

What bothers you the least?

Do you volunteer in your community?

Your royal city has just been attacked, what do you do?

Who would you most like to serve on "Game of Thrones?"

How respectful are you of laws?

If offered enough money, would you poison the king?

If there was a plague in your kingdom, what would you do?

Which actor do you like best?

What type of movie would you go see?

If you were in prison, how would you escape?

Is it okay for the king to treat his subjects badly?

What is the best use of a king's money?

What do you do when a beggar asks for money?

Would you choose a high paying job you hated, or a low paying job you loved?

What is the best way for a king to stay in power?

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About This Quiz

You might not think that you want a job in the Royal Court, but when it comes right down to it, what are your alternatives? Of course being the king would be great, but let's face it - if everyone could be the king, then everyone would be the king. The best thing you can hope for is a steady gig in the royal court. It is better than being a peasant after all.

Now that we have that settled, what would you do? There are so many different options, some more intriguing than others. One thing that is pretty much certain is that you don't want to be a royal taster. You could probably handle being a jester if you are funny at least, but that seems a bit humiliating. You could be a regular old servant or a bodyguard, but does that kind of thing pay enough?  Maybe you might like to be a chaplain, or an advisor, or even the hand of the king? Much better pay and prestige there, but a lot of pressure as well. 

What kind of job might you be best at in the Royal Court? Don't be the Royal Fool - take this quiz and find out.

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