What Would Be Your Trucker Handle?

Mark Philip Lichtenstein

What kind of rig do you run?

How do you personalize your rig?

What creature comforts do you have in your rig?

Do you have custom paint on your rig?

When you are on the road, surrounded by lots of little cars and SUVs, how do you feel?

What do you wear on the job?

What is your favorite route?

What is the most essential piece of equipment you own?

What do you listen to while you drive?

When you visit a truck stop, what is the first thing you do?

What do you think Evel Knievel is?

What do you think a bear is?

What do you think a city kitty is?

What do you think a taco stand is?

What do you think a gumball machine is?

What is a Kojak with a Kodak?

What is a salt shaker?

What is a super chicken?

Where is Pizza & Murder?

What is a blinkin' winkin'?

Do you know what side of your vehicle the fuel cap is on?

What happens if you put something other than diesel into your rig?

What should you do in the event of a skid?

How many units of alcohol do you feel comfortable drinking before driving?

Can you do a hill start?

Have you ever killed a man?

What is your favorite movie?

How do communicate with family while you're on the road?

What is a cornbinder?

How would you feel if you were involved in a fatal accident?

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About This Quiz

When you're on the road for days at a time in the business of long haul trucking, your social life will consist of talking to other folks on the road on your CB. Every trucker has a handle on the CB radio, and they help each other out by pointing out Smokey or catching up about how things went at the Chicken Coop. What would your trucker handle be? Take this quiz to find out!

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