Quiz: What Would the Trashy Romance Novel of Your Love Life Be Called?
What Would the Trashy Romance Novel of Your Love Life Be Called?
By: Zoe Samuel
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Your career is in transition. Your love life, so passionless for so long, has finally shown signs of life in the form of a beautiful stranger who excites your senses and makes your heart yearn for the possibilities. Suddenly, the world isn't drab; you are ready to chase your dreams and live like there's no tomorrow.

Well, maybe. Whatever your scenario, your life no doubt has its fair share of drama, intrigue, and passion. You have struggles both daily and lifelong. You gain and lose loved ones, and stand watch over your dreams as time marches on, urging you to act. People relate to stories like these because they are universal, even if a love for the genre of trashy romance novels isn't totally universal.

You know your story, even if you don't have an ending for it yet, so the question is what the title of your story should be? It's not enough to have a synopsis of the plot on the back cover. The title has to grab people by the heart and make them want to buy it on the spot. Don't worry; we have you covered. Take this quiz, and we'll tell you the title of your life's trashy romance novel!

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