Quiz: What Would You Be the Goddess Of?
What Would You Be the Goddess Of?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Since humans first came up with the idea of religion, we've imagined gods and goddesses, immortal personifications of the forces in the world we do not or can not understand. As society evolved, the number of gods increased, giving rise to gods and goddesses for forces other than those dealing with nature and animals. From this time, humanity imagined gods and goddesses of war, of wisdom, of sports, and of kings.

We do not live in ancient times. The gods and goddesses of the hunt and the Moon seem quaint by today's standards. If you were a goddess of the modern world, what would lie within your divine portfolio? Would your worshipers gather in a pine grove or an office park? Would they sacrifice their winter tires to you, or would they burn remainder copies of "Economics for Dummies" in your name?

To be a good goddess, you need to know your subject. Is there an area you feel especially passionate about? Is your profession an area deserving of a divine godhead? Would modern, increasingly secular people bother turning to you for your godly power in their time of need? Would you let your holy power go to your head?

Take this quiz, and discover what you would be the goddess of!

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