Quiz: What Would Your Biblical Job Be?
What Would Your Biblical Job Be?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Have you ever thought about how you would have made a living during Biblical days? Usually, when we think of the roles people had in the Bible, we think of divine beings doing unpaid work channeled directly from the heavens. But what about the unsung heroes -- the folks who made the world livable for the disciples and missionaries to do their sacred work? Which one of those everyday people would you have been.
From innkeepers to animal trainers, the Bible was full of people like you and me trying to make ends meet. Though they are rarely touted with the same regard as Jesus and his crew or Adam and his family, their valuable contributions to Biblical society are occasionally referenced throughout the written word. Their skills kept people fed, and made written historical accounts possible!
Our Biblical job quiz is designed to help you figure out where you would have fit in the ancient workforce! We’ll examine your attitudes, your skill set, and your commitment to your morals and beliefs. We’re not suggesting you actually give up your laptop to become a stone mason, but knowing where you would work during formative times may just give you a new perspective on your Biblical position! Take this quiz to see where you stand in the days of the Bible!

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