Quiz: What Would Your Colonial America Job Be?
What Would Your Colonial America Job Be?
By: Zoe Samuel
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Colonial America conjures up images of patriots in blue uniforms fighting an English army of much greater numbers. Bunker Hill, The Battle of Harlem Heights, Yorktown. While these images glamourize the age, they are hardly a representation of life as it was at the time. For most colonists, life was hardscrabble, tilling the soil, or shipping raw materials out to a world hungry for cotton and tobacco.

Even society was different. In colonial times it wasn't uncommon for whole families to sleep in one bed to ward off the New England winters. People didn't buy a new pair of shoes every year but kept old ones alive through maintenance. There was no underarm deodorant. Even the founding fathers struggled, with some of their farms killed off completely by the winter of 1816. Colonial life was a struggle, for certain people more than others, slaves in particular.

How would you have fit into society in those heady days? Would you have carved out a corner for yourself in the growing cities? Would you stake a claim in the untamed west? Would you grow tobacco in the south? How would your skills and natural aptitudes fit into this old version of America? What would your colonial America job be?

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