What Would Your Cowboy Name Be?

Teresa McGlothlin

How are your horse riding skills?

Do you own a pair of chaps?

Which style of cowboy hat do you like most?

Which kind of horse would you ride as a cowboy?

Which farm animal do you fear most?

What kind of beans would you cook over the fire?

Do you have a dutch oven?

Which western US state interests you the most?

Would you rather be a bull rider or a rodeo clown?

Have you ever mucked out a stable?

Which cowboy movie is your favorite?

Are you more like John Wayne or Clint Eastwood?

Are you a good shot?

What is your favorite part of camping?

Which cowboy song do you know more of?

Are you physically fit?

Do you know how to groom a horse?

Which cut of steak do you prefer?

How would you look in a bolo tie?

Which animal would you prefer to ranch?

What kind of dog would you want alongside your horse?

Which cowboy name would you prefer to be called?

Which famous cowboy is most interesting?

Which food is best cooked over an open fire?

What would you like most about being a cowboy?

Are you good with animals?

What would be your farm job?

What would you take out on the trail with you?

Which quality do you share with cowboys?

What cut of jeans do you wear?

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Image: Henry Arden/Cultura/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Picture yourself saddling up the wagons and circling the team. See yourself taking the reigns, and hitting the dusty trail. Once you've gone on a wild west adventure with us, we'll be able to give you a name that matches your inner cattle-herding skills. When you picture yourself in spurs, do you see yourself as a Dusty, a Slim, or something else altogether?

Whether you've dreamed of being a cowboy since you were a kid or your day job is making you reconsider your career choices, this quiz will help. After you know your cowboy name, you will have something brand new to think about. It might fit you so well that you will head down to the courthouse and legally change your name. Then again, answering our questions about your cowboy qualifications may give you brand new respect for your cubicle. Either way, you'll have a lot of fun finding out!

Load up on some chili or a big ribeye before you begin. If you're eating like a cowboy, you'll answer like a cowboy. When you've finished, we will reveal the cowboy name you will want the world to call you. Which one will it be, little quiz taker?

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