What Would Your Exotic Dancer Name Be?

Brian Whitney

How kinky are you?

Are you a good kisser?

How do you meet dates?

Do you have a boyfriend?

How many toys do you have?

How many one night stands have you had?

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

How dominant are you?

Do you cheat on your boyfriends?

Have you ever done it at work?

Are you a good dancer?

Why would you be an exotic dancer?

How would your friends describe you?

What sounds best to eat?

Who do you fantasize about most?

What is your favorite sport?

How much would it take for you to be in an adult movie?

Who is your favorite?

What name do you like best?

Do you hang around the house naked?

Do you have a lot of friends?

Do you always practice safe sex?

What do you like the most?

What turns you on?

Are you good in bed?

Are you hip?

Do you like to experiment in bed?

How long do you want to be an exotic dancer?

Are you proud of your body?

How shy are you?

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About This Quiz

There are a lot of things you need to be an exotic dancer. Those that aren't in the know might think it is something that is only done by desperate women with little or no morals, but that isn't all there is to it by a longshot. A lot of women are exotic dancers because they make a whole lot of cash in a little number of hours, and others do it because they actually enjoy it. 

But hey, let's not get into the reasons you might want to be an exotic dancer; let's just accept that you are one, and because you are one, you are going to need a name. When "Pour Some Sugar On Me" starts getting played on the loudspeaker and the announcer calls your name before you hit the stage, you're going to need something better than "Jane" or "Lizzy." 

So what is it going to be? Are you an Anastasia, a Charity, a Crystal or an Amber? Or maybe you're a Porsche, a Kitty or a Jade? It doesn't really matter all that much. As long as it sounds kind of hot and your mom doesn't find out, you're good to go. Take this quiz, and we'll let you know your exotic dancer name.

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