Quiz: What Would Your Job Be in "Dune?"
What Would Your Job Be in "Dune?"
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Universal Pictures

About This Quiz

Chances are you've seen "Dune," or else you wouldn't be here, but let's just go down memory lane for a bit. In the far, far future, there exists a war between the noblest of families, who are out to control the desert planet known as Dune. On this planet is the drug, melange, which is also referred to as "spice." This spice allows for necessities such as space travel, foresight and can even extend life, which is why it is the most valuable item in the galaxy. 

Because we know you've already seen the movie, we won't say what happens in the end. All we know is that this movie, which was adapted from a (successful) book, had a following unlike many others of its time. And although the film was a box office failure (it made approximately ten million less than its budget), the fans still want some more. So, here we are. Are you ready to find out what your job would be in the Dune universe?

Would you hold the regal title of an emperor or would you be the one controlling something far more valuable, like say, melange? It's time to find out what your occupation would be.

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