Quiz: What Would Your Job Be in the Elizabethan Era?
What Would Your Job Be in the Elizabethan Era?
By: Steven Miller
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

The Elizabethan Era was a time of great growth. Looking back, it seems like a very fun time to live in, despite there being virtually no technology and definitely no Wi-Fi. But as fun as it seems, people still had to earn money to live back then. Jobs did exist and people were paid for their services, no matter what that service was. And while we can argue whether the payments were fair to some or not, money was a necessary commodity. If you lived back then, just what would you have done for a job?

Would you be a chaplain? Would you be a religious fixture who multi-tasks by doing accounting as well as your spiritual duties? Or would you be a jester? Would you be great at entertaining and making others laugh, or would the queen take your head? Does being a watchman sound like fun to you? Do you have what it takes to stay alert at all hours of the day, even in your sleep? Or are you meant to be a potter? Could you earn money using your hands to mold clay into usable pots, vases, and maybe even sculptures? 

So, if you want to find out just what you'd be, answer a few of our questions. It may just unlock something you never knew about yourself! 

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