Quiz: What Would Your Job Be in "The Handmaid's Tale?"
What Would Your Job Be in "The Handmaid's Tale?"
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Hulu

About This Quiz

Set in a dystopian society full of reproductive repression and totalitarian regime, "The Handmaid's Tale" grabbed Hulu watchers' attention in 2017. With its stunning debut, the show pictures a society obsessed with fertility. If you were living in that world, do you know what your job would be? Would you be a spy for the government, or would you be a handmaid looking for an escape?

Telling us about your everyday actions, thoughts and preferences will help us to place you in the perfect position for surviving a brutal new world. Perhaps you are more of a Martha. Marthas serve as the home caretakers and they fought for a bit more independence. Or, maybe you are more strict and rigid like an Aunt. Your responses will make sure you end up in the right job. Your skills will be important, so try to answer with confidence. Once we've summed you up we will play the part of Hulu casting agent and let you know what you'll be doing.  

With season two set to release later this year, this quiz will hold you over until the premiere. Plus, you'll find out where you would fit into Margaret Atwood's imagination. Let's find out what job you'll have!

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