What Would Your Name Be if You'd Been Born in Texas?

Teresa M.

Which Texas city do you know the most about?

Do you know how to ride a horse?

Have you ever been to the Alamo?

What sort of taco filling do you like most?

Which popular Texas baby name would you give a new dog?

What's your favorite term of endearment?

Do you prefer the desert or the mountains?

Have you ever been to Padre Island?

Do you own any cowboy boots?

What would be your job on a ranch?

What would be your cowboy name?

Do you like the name your mother gave you?

Are you afraid of thunderstorms?

Which season do you think is best in Texas?

Do you always wear sunscreen?

Which name would you give a pet horse?

Which Texan U.S. President do you know the most about?

Have you ever touched a cactus?

Which Texas actor do you find most talented?

Which kind of barbecue do you like most?

How do you like your margarita?

Which famous Texan do you like most?

Do you know how to line dance?

Which song about Texas have you heard?

Which country singer from Texas do you know anything about?

How do you deal with the heat?

Which Texas sports team do you like most?

Which Texas attraction would you most like to visit?

How often do you go stargazing?

Why would you most like to visit Texas?

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Image: Rebecca L. Latson/ Moment/ Getty Images

About This Quiz

Dust off your cowboy hat, and saddle up your horse. By the time you finish telling us about yourself, we will know what you would have been named if you were born in the Lone Star State. Would it have been something like J.R., or would you have been named something more clever like Charlene? 

On December 29, 1845, Texas became a full-fledged member of the United States. Since then, it's been known for its space program, its dusty ranches, and its beautiful gulf beaches. With cities like Dallas and Austin growing by the day, Texas remains a popular choice for folks looking to live somewhere hip and interesting. If your mother had given birth to you there, what do you think she would have named you?

Throughout this quiz, we will find out as much about you as we can. Then, we will match your personality and your inner Texan traits to some of the most popular names in Texas history. Every name has a different meaning and feel, but which one would your mother have called you? Tell us about your 10 foot tall and bulletproof approach to life, and we'll let you know if you would have been a Suzanne or a Dusty or maybe something else! 

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