Quiz: What Would Your Name Have Been if You Were Born in 1923?
What Would Your Name Have Been if You Were Born in 1923?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Step into our time machine, and travel back to 1923 with us. Imagine your mother giving birth to you in a beautiful '20s gown in the bedroom of your home. Now, think back and try to remember what you were named back then. Is it coming to you? 

The Roaring '20s were a great time of growth for cities everywhere. People flocked to them for work, and the economy was booming. The economy was booming so much that it was not uncommon to have a large family full of children with names like William, Ethel, and Phyllis. 

As we travel through our 1923 name quiz, we will try to get to know the way you live your life. Once we get to know you, we will compare names that were popular back then. We'll look at the traits each name carries and we will match it with your own to make sure you get the perfect 1923 name for you.

You wouldn't want to be a Mable if you were really an Earl. Lay any confusion about your name back then, and find out what you would have been called. Will it be something cool, or will you run to the courthouse to have it changed? 

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