What Would Your Role Be in a Medieval Court?

Mark Lichtenstein

Do you love the limelight?

What, to you, is an acceptable percentage chance of ending your career with your head being cut off?

How much do you like speaking truth to power?

Do you believe in the scientific method?

How's your Latin?

How religious are you?

How willing are you to change religion to stay in the monarch's good graces?

Do you have the flexibility necessary to kneel?

Can you bow and curtsey well?

Do you speak French?

Do you know much about the Habsburg family?

Do you know anything about Marco Polo?

Do you love to travel?

Do you like politics?

What do you want to wear to work?

Where in the castle will your room be?

Which medieval court would you like to be in?

Which war would you like your king to be involved in?

Which war would you like to stay the heck out of?

Do you love to read a lot?

Are you low-key?

Are you a people person?

Are you technically savvy?

Do you look good in tights?

What sort of hat do you want to wear?

Do you love the great outdoors?

If you had to sign an order to cut off someone else's head, could you?

Do you court controversy?

Do you want to be in the history books?

Do you want to teach other people?

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About This Quiz

Medieval times were pretty rough for most people, since they were subsistence farmers, and thus one bad winter or flood away from total disaster. However, if you were royalty, you had it made: fabulous big castles where you could hold court. Life was all about riding, feasting, hosting foreign royalty, and looking for a suitable spouse. Still, royalty was a very small group, and the only way to get into it is by birth or marriage. What was possible for the average Joe was to live in the orbit of royalty by getting yourself a job at court. That way, you could live in a nice warm, safe castle instead of a rickety little hut you built yourself, and enjoy fine food, regular income, and a rather more active social life than a typical medieval village might offer.

There were plenty of options for employment at court. The king will want to be entertained and advised, and of course, the royal personage needs plenty of maintenance. From his Majesty's stables to his wardrobe to his table to his dozens of freeloading relatives, it takes a lot of people to keep a monarch, well, monarchical. Let's find out where you would fit into this picture!

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