Quiz: What Would Your Wild West Job Be?
What Would Your Wild West Job Be?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

The Old West. Living miles from your neighbors. Camping under the stars. It took a certain type of person to tame the West and make it home. If you were living back then, would you thrive or just survive? Would you be a leader among men? Or an entrepreneur opening the town’s first saloon or general store? Can’t quite picture yourself in that Western setting? Perfect. Here’s a quiz that will help you realize what job suited you best during the boom and bust of the Old West. We'll take you through questions that reveal your personality traits and identify those traits with the job that you would be good at in the wild, wild, West. Take the quiz now - click the button below. 

Would you head west to get away from the law or to try and strike it rich? Maybe you’d be a part of a wagon train to start fresh, raise a family and live off the land. But once you’ve planted your feet in Western soil, then watched the sun rise and set over the mountains, what would you be doing day in and day out?  Answer the quiz questions, and the answer will be revealed. Click now!

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