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Mobsters rarely go by their real names. They are, after all, wanted criminals. Their actions (and infamy) often spawn nicknames that are both comical and menacing. How much do you know about mobster nicknames?

Joe Masseria was one of the best-known gangsters ever. What was Joe's nickname?

Do you know what's good for you? Know who's boss? "Joe the Boss" is boss, that's who.


An ability to escape danger is a hallmark of successful gangsters. Which gangster was sometimes called "Jackrabbit?

John Dillinger was quick to escape police pursuers. His escapades earned him the nickname "Jackrabbit."


Al Capone was often called what?

Capone was attacked at a nightclub and wound up with prominent facial scars. That, in turn, led to his common nickname, Scarface.


Violence is common in organized crime. Which mobster was known as "The Enforcer"?

Frank "The Enforcer" Nitti was the man who enforced Al Capone's brutal and sometimes psychotic acts of violence. He eventually became boss himself.


George Moran was better known by his nickname, which was what?

George Moran was best known as simply "Bugs." Several men in his gang were murdered as part of the famous St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago.


This gangster was fond of killing. What was NOT one of Albert Anastasia's nicknames?

He wasn't Bloody Berty, but his hands were definitely covered in red. Anastasia was a hardened killer and eventually became a crime boss.


In organized crime, violence pays off. Albert Anastasia eventually became boss of which crime family?

Anastasia's legendary ruthlessness served him well both as a hit-man and also a crime boss. The Mad Hatter was later in control of the Gambino crime family.


New York mobster Vincent Coll was better known by which nickname?

Coll was known as "Mad Dog." He was infamous for accidentally shooting a 5-year-old in New York City.


How did "Mad Dog" get his nickname?

After Coll accidentally killed a child, New York City Mayor Jimmy Walker called him a "Mad Dog." Coll was murdered at the tender age of 23.


How did Dean O'Banion get one of his nicknames, "Gimpy?"

As a child, O'Banion supposedly was hurt by a streetcar that permanently damaged his leg. Some people called him "Gimpy," but most probably didn't say it to his face.


What was NOT one of Joe Gallo's nicknames?

Gallo wasn't known as "Joe the Pole." He was a loose cannon in the New York crime scene and wound up murdered in the early 1970s.


This gangster was very active in Las Vegas. What was Benjamin Siegel's nickname?

Siegel gained tremendous notoriety as "Bugsy" Siegel. He had a well-known propensity for extreme violence.


Who was known as "The Chin"?

Vincent Gigante was often called "The Chin." The nickname came from the way his mother said his name, Vincenzo.


Few gangsters achieved this level of success. Henry Earl J. Wojciechowski was better known as what?

"Hymie" was a Chicago gangster with a mean streak. He earned the respect of even Al Capone.


"Baby Face" Nelson was infamous for which kind of criminal activity?

George "Baby Face" Nelson was short and had childlike looks that belied his penchant for bank robbery. He was an associate of John Dillinger.


Sam Giancana was better known as what?

Giancana was best known as "Mooney Sam." He was a violent boss in the Chicago Outfit from the late 1950s to the mid 1960s.


What was NOT one of Sam Giancana's nicknames?

He was never Hambone Sam. But his associates often called him "Sam the Cigar," "Momo" or simply "Sammy."


What characteristic earned Angelo Bruno his nickname?

Bruno was different than most gangsters in that he liked diplomacy to bloodletting. He was called "The Gentle Don." He was killed by a shot to the head.


How did "Pretty Boy" Floyd feel about his nickname?

Charles Floyd gained fame for robbing banks in the early 20th century. The press called him "Pretty Boy," a moniker that he truly hated.


Who was "Don Vito"?

Vito Genovese was one of the most powerful men ever in organized crime. He was known as "Don Vito."


Henry Hill is still one of the mafia's biggest names. What was his nickname?

Hill didn't have any famous nicknames. His life story was told in the movie "Goodfellas," and his character was played by Ray Liotta.


Ciro Terranova earned his nickname by selling which product?

Ciro Terranova gained local fame by reselling artichokes at incredible profits, in part because people were too scared to turn down his huge markup on the product. He was the "Artichoke King."


What is Michael DiLeonardo's nickname?

Michael DiLeonardo is known as "Mickey Scars," because of scars he received during a dog attack. He sold out dozens of other gangsters and is in a witness protection program.


Nicodemo Scarfo was known as what?

"Little Nicky" was infamous as a crime boss in Philadelphia. He'd kill people for absolutely any perceived slight.


George Barnes earned his nickname thanks to his favorite weapon, which was what?

George Barnes became known as "Machine Gun Kelly" because he loved his Thompson machine gun. Kelly was famous mostly because he kidnapped a wealthy businessman named Charles Urschel.


"Two-Gun Tommy" had parts of his life portrayed in which film?

Actor Joe Pesci played Tommy DeVito, who was based on Thomas DeSimone, or "Two-Gun Tommy." He was also known as "Tommy D."


Why was Anthony Corallo called "Tony Ducks"?

Corallo was exceptionally good at ducking law enforcement. The name "Tony Ducks" stuck.


How did "Jimmy the Gent" get his nickname?

He got his nickname early in his criminal career when he'd give a bit of money back to the truck drivers he robbed. But "Jimmy the Gent" was also a hardcore murderer.


Meyer Cohen was better known as what?

"Mickey" Cohen was a big part of the Cohen crime family in Los Angeles. He also worked in Chicago and ran with some of Al Capone's minions.


John Roselli earned which nickname during his life?

Roselli, who was part of the Chicago Outfit band of mobsters, was known as "Handsome Johnny."


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