What's up, Doc? Which Looney Tunes character was it?


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Don't be despicable! Take our "Looney Tunes" character quiz and see if you can identify these silly animated cast members who have achieved huge Hollywood fame!

He's a sweet yellow bird with a big heart. He's _____.

Tweety Bird loves to bat his cute little eyelashes to gain the adoration of others. His life would be swell if it were not for one miserable cat.


Which bird character has an exaggerated lisp that's especially evident when he says, "That's despicable"?

Daffy Duck was an anomaly when he came along in the early days of "Looney Tunes." Aggressive and unhinged, he's not afraid to say exactly what's on his mind.


Which character had a habit of spouting the line, "What's up, Doc?"

Bugs Bunny, the leader of the Looney crew, loves to taunt his opponents with his nonchalant catchphrase: "What's up, Doc?"


Who is always hunting "wabbits" with a double-barreled shotgun?

"Be very quiet, I'm hunting wabbits." That's the famous line of Elmer Fudd, who always sets off trying to shoot Bugs Bunny but instead winds up getting himself into trouble.


Which character is known as "The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico"?

Speedy Gonzales is the fearless little mouse with the gigantic sombrero. When danger threatens, he picks up his little feet and makes for the hills in a cloud of dust.


Which character is known for his wild bursts of rage?

The Tasmanian Devil can't speak English, but you don't need to know what he's saying -- the crazed eyes and bared teeth are evidence of his anger. He often burns himself out in fury.


He wears a skirt and a helmet. He's the evil character from another planet. He's ______.

Marvin the Martian is one of the few "Looney Tunes" characters with the capacity for real evil. Fortunately, Bugs and the gang are usually able to thwart his dark goals.


The ______ is a bird that takes off running across the desert at high speeds, always eluding danger at the last second.

The Road Runner mostly minds his own business. But he's often stalked by other creatures of the desert, meaning he has to dash for safety in a panic.


Which character expends immense energy trying to catch the Road Runner?

Wile E. Coyote sounds like a pretty intelligent creature, but his plans to catch Road Runner almost always go terribly awry. Perhaps if he just stuck to the basics he'd be more successful.


Which character is a big, loud-mouthed chicken?

Foghorn Leghorn is a large rooster with a big mouth. He's based on a real-life senator with a big ego.


He's a gunslinging outlaw who shoots at Bugs Bunny. He's _____.

Yosemite Sam has a short temper paired with an endless stockpile of bullets and a deep-seated dislike of rabbits. He often sends Bugs on the run.


Which black-and-white character has a funny French accent?

He's the amorous skunk with the sophisticated French accent. He's PePe Le Pew, and he's out to steal your woman.


Which character is continually trying to make a meal out of poor Tweety Bird?

Sylvester the Cat clearly has a deep homicidal rage like, well, all cats. He spends many episodes stalking Tweety or Speedy Gonzales.


Which character is a tough-guy chickenhawk?

Henery is a chickenhawk, a young, naive kid who knows he's supposed to eat chickens ... but doesn't know what they look like.


What's the name of the dog that looks like he's been taking too many steroids?

Hector the Bulldog is the bulldog that's rippling with muscles. He has a silly pigeon-toed walk that detracts from his meathead attitude.


Who is Tweety's caretaker?

Granny is the kind-hearted old lady who loves her little bird, Tweety. She's no dim-witted octogenarian. She's a crafty woman who will defend her little bird at any cost.


Which character is the (often confused) object of Pepe Le Pew's affections?

Pepe Le Pew has a long-standing crush on Penelope Pussycat. She frequently (accidentally) winds up with a white stripe down her back, which Pepe mistakes as a sign that she's a skunk.


Who is Porky Pig's significant other?

Petunia Pig is the cute pig who's always sporting -- of course -- pigtails in her hair. She looks almost exactly like Porky Pig but with a dress.


Hazel is a famous "Looney Tunes" character and her occupation is ______.

Witch Hazel is a famous witch who's always brewing up something strange in her cauldron. Sometimes she tries to eat children.


He is the lazy mouse who's never in a hurry. He's _______.

Slowpoke Rodriguez is the slow-footed cousin of Speedy Gonzales. Unlike Speedy, Slowpoke isn't in a hurry to accomplish much of anything.


Hubie and Bertie are a duo of _____ that love to torment the local cat.

Hubie and Bertie are fearless little mice that set into motion all sorts of funny plots. More than anything, they love to torment house cats.


Which character is known for his extremely neurotic personality?

Claude the Cat is the stereotypical nervous house cat. He's scared of just about everything, and he can't stop thinking about the mice that are trying to invade his territory.


Which character is notable mostly for being a gigantic, orange, hairy monster?

Gossamer is the big orange monster covered in hair. He also wears goofy sneakers that add strange juxtaposition to his appearance.


Which character has just a single tooth?

Witch Hazel is too busy brewing up evil to visit the dentist. That's probably why she has just the one tooth.


He was one of the very first Looney Tunes characters. His name is _____.

Bosko made his first appearance way back in the spring of 1929. He was one of the first Looney Tunes characters and remains an icon of the franchise.


Which character has the hots for Bugs Bunny?

Lola Bunny is Bugs' girlfriend. She's a relatively new character who wasn't introduced until 1996's "Space Jam."


Who is the frequent object of Daffy Duck's affections?

Melissa Duck has flowing blonde hair and a fetching personality that Daffy can't resist. She made her first appearance during World War II.


Which character is always scowling, no matter what?

Hector the Bulldog can't help that his face is locked into a continual frown. He is a bulldog, after all.


What's the name of Bugs Bunny's little nephew?

Clyde Bunny is always excited to visit Uncle Bugs, who engages the young rabbit's imagination with fun stories of adventure.


It's _____ who spouts this line at the end of each short: "Th-th-that's all, folks!"

Porky Pig has the adorable stutter that's obvious at the end of each cartoon when he says, "Th-th-that's all, folks!"


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