What's the best tool for the job?

Becky Stigall

What tool is used to pound and pull nails?

The average claw hammer weighs about 16 to 20 ounces. Handles can be steel, wood or fiberglass.

What retractable tool is critical for many handyman jobs?

Today's tape measures are based on an 1868 patent. We credit the Romans with the invention of leather tape measure devices.

What "box cutter" does more than cut boxes?

The first stone utility knife dates back 500,000 years. Many modern versions are retractable.

What tool could you use to dig a hole?

Spades and shovels are actually different tools. Spade blades are smaller than shovels, and flat.

What tool makes intentional chips in things?

Chisels come in varying widths. You may need to use a hammer or mallet to get the right leverage.

What garden tool helps gather leaves?

Rakes can also be used for weeding. The verb "rake" means to gather together.

You would cut wood with what tool?

Hand saws come with different size teeth. They are even available in mini versions.

What smoother fits right in your hand?

Palm sanders use different types of sandpaper to do different jobs. Be careful to use a light touch, to avoid making swirls in your surface.

Look at the bubble on what tool to see if something is straight?

Check the bubble in your level to find out if something is level or plumb. Laser levels are also available, and there's even an app for that!

What tool could you use to move hay?

Pitchforks often have two to four tines. They may also be used to turn a compost pile.

Whether you are using a Phillips or a flathead, what tool can drive the screw home?

Screwdrivers come in different sizes. Shorter screwdrivers can give you more leverage.

What tool can change the shape of wood?

Block planes may include different blades. Be careful, they're very sharp!

What tool is often used, in a different setting, to measure body fat?

Caliper are used to measure dimensions. Quality calipers are made of metal.

What tool can help you keep it together?

Clamps come in various shapes and sizes. Make sure you have the right one for the job, and don't overtighten!

What tool helps keep other tools in sharp shape?

A bench grinder may be used to grind tools to a point. It may also be used to polish a pitted tool.

What powerful tool has a round blade?

Circular saws come in two types - sidewinder and worm-drive. The worm-drive saws are for heavy-duty work.

What tool includes a chuck?

Power drills can be corded or cordless. Use different bits for different jobs.

What cutting tool is named after an extinct tiger?

Ok, so it's not really named after a tiger; it's named for a sword. Bonus points if you know that it may also be called a jigsaw.

What cutting tool is less portable than a circular saw?

Table saws are used for all types of cutting. Get a carbide blade so you can sharpen it.

What tool helps you shape edges?

Routers use different bits to create different shapes. This is a great woodworking tool.

You can rip wood or cut irregular shapes with what tool?

Band saws involve throats and tires. Learn the terminology before you use one.

You can create a precision hole with what tool?

A drill press can also be used for sanding. This tool does more than a mere power drill.

What type of shears can help you cut tin?

Tin snips are designed to cut all types of metal. Some are even designed to cut shapes.

What tool adjusts to different sizes?

Adjustable wrenches may also be called adjustable spanners. Some people call them crescent wrenches.

What type of tool can help you turn objects?

Wrenches come in all shapes and sizes. Keep a selection on hand so you'll always have the right wrench for the job.

What type of wrench has two different ends?

Combination wrenches have an open end and a closed end. Both ends are typically the same size.

What type of hammer can be used to prevent damage to a surface?

Rubber mallets are great for woodworking. Using a regular hammer can leave dents in the surface.

What tool can help you locate a great spot to hang a shelf?

A stud finder may also be called a stud sensor or a stud locator. Many stud finders use magnets to locate studs. A stud is an upright in the wall framing, useful for anchoring shelves and such.

What type of wrench moves in a continuous movement?

Ratchet wrenches allow you to continuously apply force in one direction, without having to reposition the wrench. Most auto mechanics will have a set of ratchet wrenches.

What tool should you use to drive a nail deeper than a surface?

A nail punch is basically a metal rod. It is a cousin to the center punch.

What tool could you use to mark an angle?

The sliding bevel is adjustable. Quality sliding bevels are made out of steel.

What tool could you use to weed a garden?

Hoes come in different sizes and shapes for different jobs. A warren hoe has a blade shaped like a triangle.

What type of shovel is more like a scoop?

A trowel is a small hand tool used for digging. A trowel has a pointed blade.

What garden tool could you use to trim small branches?

Pruners include springs to open the blades after cutting. Pruners can be used to trim branches and small plants.

What tool can give your lawn a crisp border?

Edgers come in manual and power varieties. Power edgers may also be called strimmers.

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