Quiz: What's Your 1920's Job?
What's Your 1920's Job?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Let's travel back in time to the 1920s! Jobs were a lot different 100 years ago than they are now. As a member of the workforce in the '20s, you had to be diligent and willing to work with your hands. Although you might not think you are suited for a 1920s job, you have more old-fashioned skills than you realize! Sharing your work ethic, your personality and a little about the jobs you've held will help us to place you in the perfect occupation in the Roaring Twenties.

Back in the '20s, you generally got a job and held onto it until the day you retired. You would have taken nothing for granted at your post because the economic instability of the time made simply having a job a badge of honor. You would have never given up your job over some of the silly things folks leave positions for now. Examining your lifestyle and the way you view your current role will lead us to the job you would have held in the 1920s!

So, pull up a comfortable chair, pour yourself some bathtub gin (responsibly) and get ready to answer a few swell questions. Then, we'll tell you all about your 1920s job! Ready to work?

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How long ago did your family arrive in America?

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Are you afraid of closed spaces?

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Do you like being surrounded by people or prefer to be alone?

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Do you prefer to live in a city?

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Could you handle the stress of running a business?

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Do you feel strongly about job safety standards?

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Do you like to be in a client-facing position?

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Do you plan to do this for a little while and then marry your way out?

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