Quiz: What's Your 1923 Job?
What's Your 1923 Job?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The Roaring Twenties were a time of innovation, of rapid change, of recovery from the horrors of World War One. While the economy roared along and inequality grew and grew, the latter-day Robber Barons built vast fortunes while millions of immigrants sailed into Ellis Island every month to join the ranks of the great unwashed who served their every whim. 

Politically, the old order had been swept away by the Great War, and that meant all sorts of new ideas were suddenly on the table: communism, fascism, socialism, anarchism, the nascent Civil Rights movement, and the radical idea - recently enshrined into law to at least some extent - that women are people. People had no idea that the horrors of World War Two were just a few years away, or that the new ideas included a few that were going to lead to some really dark places. It was a time of huge challenges and great opportunities. 

There was no safety net, and if you couldn't work, you didn't eat. That meant for many people, worrying about social change was secondary to worrying about putting bread on the table. Others made a virtue out of necessity and came up with businesses that served the changing needs of the population during this tumultuous time.

How would you have fit into all this? Let's find out!

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