Quiz: What's Your Ancient Warrior Name?
What's Your Ancient Warrior Name?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Lorado/E+/Getty Images

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Ask any Viking: a good nom de guerre will inscribe you into legend just as surely as subduing an ice giant. Ancient warriors didn't have Instagram feeds or Twitter handles, they had the poets. Poets would sing songs of ancient warriors, both heroes and villains, and spread word of their deeds far and wide. Homer alone is responsible for most of Greek myth's characters' reputations, and Homer was hardly alone in his profession.

Some ancient warriors took their names from a physical descriptor, not unlike the pirate Blackbeard, while others simply went by a single name, like Sting, Cher or Prince.

Most ancient warriors are known primarily from their specific deeds. Theseus was known for dealing with the Minotaur, Hercules for his the twelve labors, Achilles for the war with Troy. Some ancient warriors' named became so widely known, their stories and their names became synonymous, as with Odysseus, whose name came to adorn his story, the Odyssey, and in turn, became a word unto itself.

What name would your greatest deeds earn you? Would you have a title, like the Khan of Khans, or would your name have a Norse flavor, like Ivor The Boneless, or Bluetooth, the namesake of the wireless protocol? Answer this quiz and we will give you your ancient warrior name!

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What kind of shoes do you typically wear to work?

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How would your best friends describe your personality in one word?

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What kind of fantasy genre character do you admire the most?

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What is your dream job location?

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What is your favorite sport?

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What was your best subject in school?

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Assuming you went to university, what was your degree in?

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How important do you feel education is to being a good warrior?

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What kind of music do you listen to in order to get pumped up?

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What weapon sounds the most appealing to you?

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How many fights have you been in?

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How do you feel about religion in general?

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What kind of shirt do you wear at work?

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