Quiz: What's Your Cabaret Name?
What's Your Cabaret Name?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Welcome to the stage, my friends! Have you been dying to figure out your cabaret name? You might know your stripper namer or your drag racer name, but few people are lucky enough to be blessed with the knowledge of a catchy stage name to use at the cabaret! 

Put your best foot forward and step up to the mic. The stage is all yours! As we go throughout your cabaret stage name quiz, we'll need to learn about your talents, your personality, and the way you like to party. Nothing is a good time like a cabaret, and you need a solid name that steals the show. 

With a history dating back to the 1880s in Paris, cabaret has a long history in the entertainment industry. From drag shows to musical numbers, cabaret shows offer intimate entertainment in smaller clubs and venues. With something to offer everyone, cabaret's long legacy is making a recent comeback across cities across the world. 

Since anyone is welcome to join the show, you need a name that suits you. You also need a name that tells the world about your brand. Let's put on a show together, and we'll give you a cabaret name worthy of its own gold star!

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What kind of hat would you wear on stage?

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Which Liza Minelli film do you like most?

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Which singer would you be best at impersonating?

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Which song from the film "Cabaret" do you know best?

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What would your comedy schtick be about?

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Which cabaret theme would you use for a party?

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Which cabaret singer do you love the most?

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Which musical would you like to see on Broadway?

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Where would you prefer to perform?

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Which of Chicago's cabaret joints would you like to visit?

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How many cabaret acts have you seen in the last year?

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Which singer would you love to see perform cabaret?

20.0 of 30

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Which movie is your life most like?

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What would you order to drink on stage?

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What kind of music do you listen to in the car?

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