Quiz: What's Under Your Car's Floorboard? Drivetrain Quiz
What's Under Your Car's Floorboard? Drivetrain Quiz
By: Maria Trimarchi
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

What the heck is a drivetrain? Take this quiz, if you know!

A drivetrain is a set of parts in a vehicle that deliver power to the wheels. Without a drivetrain, your car would go nowhere. It just couldn't move. In most definitions of a drivetrain, the engine is not included in the components that make up this important system. However, when you're speaking about a powertrain, the engine is included - a powertrain includes both the engine and the drivetrain.

In general, the engine provides the power to the drivetrain, which, in turn, moves the parts that connect to and move the axle, typically via a drive shaft or propeller shaft. The shaft is necessary because the engine and the axle are, most often, at opposite ends of the vehicle. Of course, while the specific components present in a drivetrain vary according to the type of vehicle, i.e., manual transmission, automatic transmission, front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles, the overall function of the system is the same - to get power to the wheels.

If you think you are knowledgeable of your vehicle's drivetrain, you might want to take us up on our invitation to give this quiz a test drive.

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