What's Your CB Handle?

Ian Fortey

You've been on the road all night and it's time to stop for breakfast. What's your order?

If you're on the road for a long time, you need some creature comforts. What do you need with you on the road?

CB Slang has a nickname for just about every town in America. Which town nickname do you like best?

If you're on the radio with a good friend, what do you say to let them know you're in agreement?

A buddy on the radio mentions being stuck behind a turkey hearse. What's he talking about?

You're chatting with a friend. They say "keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down." What do they mean?

Someone on the CB tells you that there's a "Care Bear" up ahead. What does that mean?

If the choice was up to you, what would you be hauling in your rig?

You hop on the CB and immediately pick up on a Radio Rambo. What is it?

When you're on the road, what's the safest amount of time you stay awake anyway?

After being on the road so long, you're going to want to relax. What's your ideal vacation destination?

Your friend on the CB tells you there's a Wally World at the next exit. What is it?

Everyone knows 10-4 means you agree or you understand, but what does it mean when someone says 10-33?

Not all CB radio users are truckers. Who else is out there using the CB?

If you're on the road driving, you're going to see a lot of beautiful countrysides. Which state has the best scenery?

You like action movies sometimes, right? Who's the best action star in history?

For a long haul, you'll probably need some music playing. What music keeps you going?

What do you think it means in CB slang if you're heading down the road doing a double nickel?

What's something you'd never want to haul behind your rig?

What's the easiest way to refer to another person on the CB when you don't know their handle?

What should your CB handle tell people about you as soon as they hear it?

When you're listening to other people's CB handles, which ones do you think are best?

Not every CB handle is going to be a winner. What kind of name do you want to avoid?

What do you think the term "bear bait" refers to?

What do you think is the hardest part about being a truck driver?

What happens if you run across someone else using the same CB handle as you?

There are about a million ways to refer to a police officer using CB slang. Which one do you like the most?

With all the different trucks on the road, they all need their own nickname. Which truck nickname is the best?

What company is making the best trucks on the road today?

If we're being honest, CB radio is just old school social media, right?

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About This Quiz

Did you know there are about 3.5 million truckers on the road in America? It's a massive job that takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work. Being away from home for days at a stretch isn't easy, nor is trying to drive non-stop for hours and hours on end. It can be dangerous and lonely out there, with bad food and cold nights. It's no wonder truckers have tried to come up with a few ways to keep themselves entertained and engaged for those long hauls. Enter the CB radio!

CB or Citizen's Band radio is a simple way for people to communicate short distances on a limited frequency range, ideal for truckers or whoever else feels the need to chat it up on the radio either at home or on the road. The whole CB culture really started picking up a head of steam in the 1970s and is still going strong today. One of the best parts of the whole culture is picking a CB name. You need a short, punchy, fun name that represents your sense of freedom on the radio. Your real name is just what you've been saddled with in life. Your CB radio is who you are on the inside! Want to know yours? Take the quiz!

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