Quiz: What's Your Classic Car IQ?
What's Your Classic Car IQ?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: VV Productions

About This Quiz

America didn't invent the automobile, but we certainly have a love affair with it. It was a relationship that started early in the 20th century, with the affordable Model T, the car that got the middle class on the road. But the mid-20th century was when America rolled out the cars that most people consider to be truly classic: the Ford Mustang and Thunderbird, the Buick Roadmaster, the Corvette and Camaro, the Charger and Challenger. Of course, not all classic cars are American. Germany gave us the beloved Beetle (twice, including its redesign in the 1990s). And Britain has made a number of fast, stylish cars -- some of them driven by their icon, James Bond. 

Nowadays, we have a complicated relationship with the vintage car. With the world's population approaching eight billion and fossil fuels in limited supply, we realize we can't all drive outdated, gas-hog cars. (In fact, we probably shouldn't all be driving gas-burning cars, period.) But there's no harm in admiring a classic car when we see one on the streets, or fantasizing about driving one. So, if you have such dreams, take your classic car IQ for a spin with our quiz! We promise it'll be a smooth, nostalgic ride!

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