What's Your Dark Witch Name?

By: Zoe Samuel

Do you use magic for good?

Do you charge for your services?

Are you "out" as a witch to everyone?

What witch garment do you love?

Which festival do you love?

What witchy color do you prefer?

What witchy pet do you have?

Do you work with other witches?

What sort of witchery do you like best?

Do you fear being run out of town?

Do you anticipate coming to a bad end?

Do you have a patron?

What potion ingredient can you not do without?

What time of the month are your powers strongest?

Are you in touch with nature?

Where do you make your potions?

How do you get around?

Do you have a familiar?

Have you ever put a spell on someone just to be petty?

Have you ever cast a bigger spell than you were capable of?

Do you mind living in a culture that is hostile to witches?

Do you have an escape plan in case of a mob with pitchforks?

What witchy house do you live in?

What infernal master do you serve?

What occult object must you always carry?

Have you ever met Satan?

What modern curse would you put on someone?

What classic curse is tried and trusted?

What witchy song do you love?

Which historical figure do we wrongly assume was not a witch?

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Image: Dina Belenko Photography / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Witches are one of the most misunderstood groups in human history. They were mostly just women who sought out education and knowledge that went slightly - or perhaps a lot - outside of what society deemed was appropriate for them. Since what society deemed appropriate for women was typically a life of unpaid domestic or farmstead-based labor as the legal chattel of their nearest male relative, it was understandable that they sought other options.

The types of knowledge that witches sought out were not usually all about putting nasty hexes on people or cursing enemies. Instead, witches tended to look into medicinal knowledge, learning to heal and cure. They learned reading in different languages, and how to understand the weather and biology. They mostly tried to use their knowledge for good.

This quiz is not about those witches. This is about the dark witches: the hexers, the cursers, the ones who chant scary things from the shadows and make it all happen. This is about the witches who know that the best way to not end up on a pyre is to ensure the jerk who might put you on it ends up so terrorized by demons that he wouldn't even dare. If you're one of them, then you need an appropriate name. Let's figure out what it is.

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