What’s Your Dating Superpower?

Ian Fortey

You're geared up for a first date with someone you met through friends and your date says they're down for whatever you want to do. What does that even mean?

How easy is it for you to tell if the person you're seeing is just not into the date?

Speaking of superpowers, what superpower do you think would be most useful on a date?

How many dates do you think you go on in an average month?

What's going to stop a date dead in its tracks?

When is it acceptable to go to McDonald's on a date?

DC Comics is really falling behind Marvel in the movie department. What DC hero needs a new movie ASAP?

Which of these daytime date ideas seems like it's in your wheelhouse?

Restaurants may be the most popular date location in the world. What kind of restaurant do you want to go to?

Which dude from the Avengers do you think would probably be the most interesting on a date?

What about the ladies? Which female Avenger is clearly showing her date the best time?

Dating apps: yay or nay?

Do you ever get burned out on the idea of dating?

Would you ever ghost a date to hit up a concert with a friend if they offered you a last minute ticket?

How often do you get asked out on dates?

When you're out with friends, do people offer you their number or ask for yours very often?

If a date tried to surprise you by taking you someplace you hated, would you tell them?

Just because someone is a villain doesn't mean you can't date them. What villain seems the most dateable?

Is speed dating something you'd ever try?

Is a long distance relationship worth it?

The MCU has given us many great and memorable characters and then maybe a few not so good ones. Who did you like the least?

If you were going to take a date to a different city for a long weekend adventure, where would you go?

How likely are you to take a date dancing?

What food should you never, ever eat on a date?

Is a date where you take a class and learn a new skill, like cooking or something artsy, a good idea?

How long will you wait at a restaurant for a date who is running late?

Are you planting your lips on someone for a kiss on the first date?

Do friends ever come to you for dating advice?

Have you ever had to switch your Facebook status to "It's complicated"?

Pick your ultimate superhero couple.

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About This Quiz

The world of dating can be a risky one to navigate. It's not like going to Titan to take on Thanos himself or anything, but it can still be a harrowing journey with all manner of villains to overcome. Getting ghosted, dealing with rude people, pushy dates, cheap dates, or something as simple as bad breath means you always need to be on your toes. Sometimes you pick a winner, and your date goes off without a hitch. Sometimes it's grimmer than one of Batman's worst movies. You take the good with the bad, you learn and adapt and, if you're just lucky and skilled enough, you develop your very own set of helpful dating superpowers that will guide you through the daunting and treacherous dating atmosphere with at least a little more ease.

Now, something like X-ray vision or mind reading would probably be a super helpful superpower to have when you're out in the dating world, but odds are those are not real or practical options for you. So what is an option? What superpower do you bring to the table? Come with us to our Fortress of Dating Solitude, and we'll find out what your dating superpower truly is.

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