Quiz: What's Your Drag Racer Nickname?
What's Your Drag Racer Nickname?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Pexels

About This Quiz

When the light turns green, do you take off in a flash? While the way you drive might say a lot about your personality, it can also give away your drag racer nickname! Share the way you handle yourself on the highway and on the strip, and we'll make sure you get a name that fits you better than a flame retardant suit. 

By the time you take your victory lap, you will know the name your fans should be chanting. You might think of yourself as more of a Turbo, but will your skills on the road reveal something far more exciting like Flash? To get the best drag racer name for yourself, you will have to pass our obstacle course style quiz with honesty. Please do not tell us that you never get a spell of road rage when all you do is scream at other drivers. 

We really don't mind how you behave when you are driving; that's what makes you who you are! However, we need to know the absolute truth, so we can give you a name that best represents the professional driver you are at heart. 

Will your name surpass your wildest dreams? Pull the parachute and find out!

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