Quiz: What's Your Drunk Astrology Sign?
What's Your Drunk Astrology Sign?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

When you've had a few, are your zodiac traits magnified? Or do you turn into someone, or something, else? Answer our questions about your drunken behavior, and we'll tell you which of the zodiac signs you are most like when you've been hitting the bottle. 

Never before in the history of astrology has there been a quiz quite like this one. While most astrology tests will tell you all about the sign you are at birth, our astrology test will tell you where you fall on the astrological calendar after you've had a few too many. Just from seeing how you react and how you act when you have been drinking, we'll be able to tell you which of the zodiac signs you most resemble.

While some of us might turn as sexy as a Scorpio, others of us have wilder things in mind like an Aquarius. The things you tell us about your drunken personality and your wildest actions will be examined against all the signs. Once we find the one you are most like after a night at the club, we will make sure you know so you know how to handle yourself. You'll also know which forecast to read before you go. Are you ready? 

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