What’s Your Favorite Aquarium Animal?

Ian Fortey

When you hit up the aquarium, who are you going there with?

Are there any animals at the aquarium that you don't particularly care to see?

Does going to the aquarium make you want to go swimming?

There are some fascinating looking creatures beneath the sea. Which one of these beasts is the most interesting to you?

You have to admit that a ray is a pretty fascinating animal. Which one is coolest?

If the aquarium you're visiting has sharks, what kind of shark would you be most interested in seeing?

There are a lot of critters under the waves that basically look like giant bugs. Which one is the most interesting?

You can find a lot of fascinating reptiles at an aquarium. Which one would you spend the most time looking at?

Sharks are big and dangerous, but there are little dangerous animals at the aquarium, too. Which one is the most interesting?

How long do you stay at an aquarium when you show up for a visit?

Do you pack snacks for the aquarium or buy food there?

Do you go to the aquarium to learn about the animals or just to observe them?

Would you ever pay to watch a performance of some kind at the aquarium?

A lot of the animals at the aquarium are super playful. Which playful critter do you like the most?

A lot of creatures from the sea are named after ones from the land. Which one is the most interesting?

How many times a year would you say you visit an aquarium?

If you're visiting a new town that has an aquarium, are you going to check it out while you're there?

Do you have an aquarium in your own house?

What do you like least about the aquarium?

How do you think a friend might describe you?

Is there an element you feel more of a connection with that the others?

Do you think aquariums should put on shows where animals do tricks?

If you were taking a date to the aquarium, what animal would you want to spend the most time near?

Do you ever go fishing?

Is there a particular thing you want to see the animals at the aquarium doing when you visit?

It may be a little counterintuitive, but a lot of aquariums are home to birds. What bird is the coolest to check out?

Is there a part of the world from which the most interesting animals in the aquarium come from, in your opinion?

Would you keep your favorite aquarium animal as a pet?

Are you a fan of seafood?

If you couldn't make it to the aquarium, where might you go?

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Image: seng chye teo/Moment/gettyimages

About This Quiz

When it comes to seeing animals living their lives, an aquarium just has something even a zoo can't quite offer. Seeing animals from the sea from behind that glass, getting a glimpse into a world us air-breathing land-dwellers have no business being a part of is incredibly fascinating. It's also pretty serene and calming in a lot of ways too. 

The world under the surface of the ocean is almost alien to us. It's no wonder aquariums are so fascinating and that we're always pushing the envelope to create bigger and more impressive ones. How big and impressive do they get? Well, the Georgia Aquarium holds 10 million gallons of water. That's bigger than 10 Olympic-sized swimming pools.  That's just an insane amount of water. It's no wonder they have actual whale sharks in their aquarium.

Getting in touch with the creatures at an aquarium is always a fun experience, and it's hard not to pick a favorite when you go there.  Where it's colorful tropical fish, massive beasts like those whale sharks or something more playful like otters, seals, and dolphins, there's definitely something that's going to grab your attention. Think we can guess what your favorite attraction is? Dive into this quiz, and we'll see!

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