What’s Your Favorite Zoo Animal?

Ian Fortey

Going to the zoo is often a full-day activity. How often do you go to the zoo?

Is there any animal you don't particularly like seeing at the zoo?

If you're going to check out some bears at the zoo, what kind of bear would you most like to see?

Which of the big cats do you want to see the most when you go to the zoo?

There are a lot of massive beasts at the zoo. Which one do you like the most?

No one wants "Planet of the Apes" to come true, but which ape do you like the most?

If you're going to check out some birds at the zoo, which one are you going to look at first?

If you're planning a trip to the zoo, who are you going with?

Do you ever check out exhibits featuring insects when you go to the zoo?

If the zoo has an aquarium, what exhibit are you most interested in checking out?

What animal would you most like to feed at the zoo if you had the opportunity?

Not that you ever want to judge anyone based on looks, but what zoo animal has the coolest pattern?

Is there anything at the zoo that surprises you when you go?

Do you have a favorite reptilian exhibit to check out when you're at the zoo?

What species of monkey do you find to be the most fun to watch?

If you like animals that are fleet of foot, maybe you should check out the hoofed animals. Which one do you want to see the most?

Dogs make great pets, but zoo dogs probably don't. Which dog-like animal do you want to see the most?

If you were only able to check out one venomous animal at the zoo, which one would it be?

How long do you typically spend at the zoo when you go?

Do you buy yourself a meal when you're at the zoo?

Which zoo animal makes the coolest sound that you can think of?

This isn't practical or safe in any way, but if you could ride any animal at the zoo, what would it be?

Which tiny mammal would you want to take home as a pet, if such a thing were allowed?

A lot of zoos divide up their exhibits by the geographical range the animals live in. Which part of the world do you tend to like the most?

Is there anything at the zoo you like to check out besides just looking at the animals?

Do you ever sit and watch educational shows at the zoo?

If no one else is around, do you talk to the animals at the zoo?

What kind of animals do you find the most interesting in general?

What's your opinion on roadside zoos that maybe aren't on the up and up?

What's your opinion on people who try to climb into enclosures to pet zoo animals?

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About This Quiz

It's estimated that there are over 10,000 zoos around the world. The U.S. alone has over 2,000 places that are considered licensed exhibitors of animals, hundreds of which are the really high-end zoos committed to a high standard of care for their animal exhibits. What does all that mean on a grand scale? That humans really love seeing animals, learning about animals, taking pictures of animals and just getting in touch with nature they'd otherwise never have contact with.

Now sure, some people might claim animals were meant to be free but look at it from the other side of the coin - a lot of these animals might not even exist in the wild anymore and would be extinct if not for human conservation efforts. Our interest in nature can be a double-edged sword like that. So while, ideally, animals would be roaming free in their natural environment, let's at least be happy that zoos exist to keep some of these species from disappearing entirely.

So don't let anyone make you feel bad about visiting a zoo - these places educate people about animals and help keep them alive. Now let's celebrate their efforts by taking a guess at just what animal at the zoo you love the most. Think we can? Take the quiz and see!

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