What’s Your Leprechaun Name?

Ian Fortey

Well, first things first. How much gold do you have?

If there was a mysterious gold shortage, what precious metal would you start to hoard instead?

Do you stress about money a lot?

What other kinds of wee folk would you like to meet if you had the chance?

The Lucky Charms leprechaun seems good, but the "Leprechaun" movies leprechaun is bad news. So which is it?

What do you figure an entire pot of gold is worth in today's market?

Some stories say leprechauns are cobblers and can't resist shining a dirty shoe. Are you a shoe fan?

If someone catches a leprechaun, then the leprechaun has to give up its gold. But where did the leprechaun get its gold?

Depending on the story you're reading, leprechauns do different things for you if you catch them. Which seems most likely?

Is there a deeper meaning behind the stories about leprechauns?

What's the nicest looking shade of green?

So where are all the female leprechauns, anyway?

In the early tales of leprechauns, they didn't actually wear green. What color do you think they wore?

If a leprechaun never gets caught, then no one takes his gold, right? So what's he need all that gold for?

Did you know that leprechauns are a protected species by the European Union?

A rainbow is a pretty big landmark. What seems like a better place to hide some gold?

If you're looking to have your wish granted but don't want to find a leprechaun, which wish-granting thing would you look for?

Irish folklore is home to a vast array of strange creatures. What else besides a leprechaun are you interested in?

There are officially eight movies in the Leprechaun horror franchise. Which one has the best subtitle?

If you can't handle horror films, there are other ones! Which of these is your favorite leprechaun movie?

How are your skills with an Irish jig?

Ireland is famous for some of its drinks. Which of these makes you think of Ireland the most?

All this talk of things Irish might make you want to visit. Where do you think you'll go?

If you're staying in Ireland, then you'll need some authentic Irish cuisine. What'll you have?

What's the most delicious marshmallow shape in a bowl of Lucky Charms?

If you can master an Irish accent, you can likely master 100 others. Which one would you try?

All things being equal how sneaky are you?

Are you a fan of playing pranks on people?

So when St. Patrick's Day rolls around each year, how do you celebrate?

Sometimes the luck of the Irish isn't enough. What's the best lucky charm out there?

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About This Quiz

It's a bizarre thing in the history of leprechauns that few of them are ever given proper names. The leprechaun from the horror movie franchise is just called "the leprechaun." The one that sells you marshmallowy good Lucky Charms cereal shares the name "Lucky" with the leprechaun mascot of the Boston Celtics. Aside from Brian Conners from the movie "Darbie O'Gill and the Little People," few others ever pop up with any name though, and that seems really unfair. Everyone deserves a name whether they're a regular person or one of the little people from the world of faerie. If nothing else, it gives you a sense of individuality and ensures people can call you something when they want your attention besides "hey you with the pot of gold!"

If you feel like you may have some roots in Ireland or maybe just some origins in the world beyond this one where the wee folk goes about their business, then you ought to do something to fit in properly. You can't just rely on a little green suit and some shoes with big gold buckles on them. Want to discover your leprechaun name? Take the quiz and see!

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