Quiz: What's Your Mental Age Based on Your Ratings of These Cartoon Shows?
What's Your Mental Age Based on Your Ratings of These Cartoon Shows?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

Every animated show on television is geared towards a certain age range and tailored to fit a specific demographic. However, our physical age doesn't necessarily have to correspond to our mental age. In fact, plenty of adults happen to be very fond of watching certain shows with their children. Similarly, there are plenty of young people who are drawn to shows and material that is far beyond their years.

For example, regardless of your actual age, if you're interested in the off-beat and bizarre humor that is often featured on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network, we're starting to add years to your mental age. If you're drawn to the subtle jokes for adults that are hidden in kids' programs, and you love shows that feature complex characters that are constantly evolving, we're starting to be convinced that you're an "old soul," mentally speaking.

On the other hand, if you prefer your shows to have very little drama involved with them, and you're definitely planning on singing along with some catchy tunes during your favorite programs, it seems likely that there's a single digit involved with your mental age. That being said, there's nothing wrong with being youthful and positive in mind, no matter how old you actually are.

Grab the remote control, we've got some channel surfing to do.

3.0 of 30
Of the following, who is your favorite character on "Archer"?

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Which "South Park" character do you most identify with?

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Out of four stars, how many would you give to the show, "Futurama"?

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Which character on "Bob's Burgers" is most like you?

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Which one of the "Powerpuff Girls" are you?

17.0 of 30
Which character from "Phineas and Ferb" is most like you?

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Of the following, which invention from "Dexter's Laboratory" did you like the most?

20.0 of 30

22.0 of 30
Which character on "American Dad!" do you most relate to?

23.0 of 30
Which network have you been most likely to watch your cartoons on?

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Of the following, which "My Little Pony" are you?

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