What’s Your MLB Nickname?

Daniel Yetman

How would you describe your height?

Are you more of a wallflower or social butterfly?

If you were playing in the MLB, which type of player would you be?

Which of these positions would you be most likely to play?

Which of these types of games is most interesting to you?

Has anybody ever called you cocky?

Which of these do you think is a better strategy for a pitcher?

Would you consider yourself a fast runner?

If you played in the majors, which of these cars would you drive to the stadium?

How do you perform under pressure?

In your friend groups, you're known as the ...

How would you describe your body type?

How much do you care about your personal fashion?

Which of these players do you think you're most similar to?

Has anybody ever told you that you should smile more?

On a scale from 'sloth' to 'Energizer Bunny', how energetic are you?

If you were going to play one of these sports, which would it be?

Which of these baseball nicknames do you think is coolest?

People would be most likely to describe you as ...

If you were playing in the MLB, you'd be most likely to ...

People often tell you that you'd make a good ...

Would you rather play on a team with a few stars or a lot of depth?

Would you rather be respected or feared?

You just hit a game-winning home run. What's the best way to celebrate?

What would motivate you to become a professional baseball player?

How would you do at a poker game?

What's your favorite part about going to a ballpark?

You think bunting is ...

You most admire which of these all-time greats?

You're coming off a season in which you were third in the MVP voting during your age 30 season. What type of contract would you try to negotiate?

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Image: Wiki Commons by Foxx - Ruth - Gehrig - Cochrane

About This Quiz

Baseball has a long history of creative nicknames. Nicknames are how great players turn into legends. Have you heard of Shoeless Joe Jackson? Almost a hundred years after he played in the league, his name is still widely recognized by baseball aficionados. Can you name all of these players from their nicknames: The Bambino, The Splendid Splinter, The Iron Horse and Charlie Hustle? They're Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Lou Gehrig and Pete Rose respectfully. 

You can't give yourself a nickname. That would be against the unwritten rule of baseball nicknames that every player innately seems to know. A nickname has to be given to you by your teammates out of respect. You know you're officially one of the guys/girls when it seems like your teammates may have forgotten your real last name.

What type of nickname do you think would fit you? Are you known for your hustle like Pete Rose or your power and consistency like Hammerin' Hank? Do you have a particularly embarrassing incident that would net you a name like Rusty, Oil Can or Grandma? Perhaps you're deserving of one of the many silly nicknames that have been given to players over the years like Pantalones, Goober or Pretzel. We may not be your teammates, but we'll still gladly give you a nickname. Get started now to find out what name is best suited to you!

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