Quiz: What's Your Monster Name?
What's Your Monster Name?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Halloween is a time to let our inner monster out. Usually, this means merely dressing up in the freakiest garb we can lay hands on, then going out and partying exactly as we usually do. But if you think really hard about exactly how your monstrous self most likes to manifest, then you can take your costume up another level and make it say something about yourself. Then it's just a short hop and a skip to a Halloween where you really let your freak flag fly.

Perhaps you're a party animal, always bringing the fun, but sometimes bringing a little too much of it for some people's preference. Maybe you like to crash parties, take advantage of others' goodwill, make a scene, and disappear into the darkness laughing at everyone else's discomfort. 

Or maybe you're simply a walking crisis, someone who constantly forgets things, says the wrong thing, and knocks stuff over - but all the while remaining well-meaning - and you need one night off from holding yourself together constantly. Or perhaps you just feel like shaking off the rules for the evening and being really impolite. Not mean, necessarily, but not exactly proper either. Depending on your monstrous nature, let's find out your monster name!

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