Quiz: What's Your Power Animal?
What's Your Power Animal?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Power animals aren't literal animals. They are archetypes of creatures associated with specific traits they hold unfettered by the constraints of human constraints. Power animals are used in tribal cultures as a way of connecting to a broad and powerful part of the animal inside the human soul to accomplish certain tasks. 

Knowing and being able to use your power animal is said to allow you to accomplish tasks mere humans are incapable of. Power animals are said to be able to confer upon humans the endurance, grace, and power of the animal kingdom.

Even today, people invoke power animals. Sports teams use animals as mascots because their home states have totemic animals (state birds, for example). Car brands name their models for animals (the Ford Mustang for example). Even software companies name their software things like OSX Lion and Firefox.

Finding your power animal is something usually done by going on a spiritual journey. This usually involves living for an extended period alone in the woods or going on some psycho-chemical trip. In this case, we've worked out how to suss out this deeply personal information without having to set foot outside your home. Simply take this test, and we will name your power animal!

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