What's Your Sextrology Sign?

Teresa M.

Do you believe in soulmates?

Do you like leaving the light on when you're getting frisky?

Do you use Tinder?

What kind of handcuffs would we find in your bedside drawer?

Have you ever fantasized about your boss?

Do you play music to set the mood?

How would your ex describe you in the bedroom?

What do you usually wear to bed?

Which food might make it to your bedroom?

Are you more dominant or submissive?

Do you kiss and tell?

Would you say you are flirtatious?

Which animal are you most like in the sack?

Would you ever have a threesome?

Do you hog all the blankets?

What do you usually do after an intimate experience?

Do you prefer morning sex or an afternoon delight?

Which kind of costume might you wear to spice things up?

What might we find you buying in the family planning aisle?

How many long term relationships have you had?

Do you walk around the house naked?

Are you into public displays of affection?

Do you believe the mind or the body is more important during sex?

Are you capable of monogamy?

Have you ever had sex in a public place?

Have you ever woken up in a strange bed?

What body part do you find sexiest?

What do you find yourself most attracted to?

Do you like to role play?

What do you think others find most attractive about you?

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About This Quiz

You might know your astrology sign based upon your birthdate, but do you know your sextrology sign? While few of us remain true to our zodiac sign when our clothes come off, many of us turn into something else completely. Once we take a look at your bedroom prowess, we'll know exactly which sign you become. That sign is known as your sextrology sign! 

As we go through our questions, we will want to know a few personal things about you. How else are we supposed to determine your sexy ways? We promise not to reveal any of the information you give us, but we think you will find your results so intriguing you'll have to share! 

We'll take a look at your past relationships, your fantasies, and your personality traits. By the time we're done, we won't know where to find your birthmarks, but we will know where you fall on the zodiac wheel when you're all hot and bothered. Do you turn into your complete opposite, or do some of your traits remain the same? 

Answer as honestly as you can, and we'll do the rest! Knowing your sextrology sign will help you maximize your compatibility. Ready to find out?

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