Quiz: What's Your Soul Stone?
What's Your Soul Stone?
By: Marie Hullett
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About This Quiz

For thousands of years, civilizations across the globe have utilized gems, minerals and crystals for everything from aesthetic adornment to medicinal healing. In some of the earliest references, the ancient Sumerians incorporated crystals in magical potions, and the ancient Egyptians wore vibrant jewelry made from turquoise, quartz, and lapis lazuli. The Egyptians also buried their deceased with quartz laid upon their foreheads, likely as a positive omen. 

To this day, many people believe that harnessing the power of stones can restore balance, improve health and bolster spiritual vitality. Whether one meditates while holding a chunk of amethyst or keeps citrine by their nightstand, these stones are thought to produce profound effects. According to these crystal practitioners, they can help you realize your goals or overcome emotional strife. 

Outside of the physical world, these stones also manifest in the souls of each individual. Just like each stone possesses varying powers - for instance, amethyst enhances psychic abilities and carnelian boosts motivation - each person does, too. Regardless of what you encounter in life, your soul stone will always help guide you through. So, which soul stone lives inside you? 

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Your friends, family, and other loved ones might describe you as:

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Which organization would you most like to raise money to support?

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Which relative are you closest to?

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You're taking a tropical vacation! Once at the beach, what will you do first?

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Which color do you gravitate toward?

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If you had to be an animal, which would you choose?

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Take out your notebook and pen! Which university class do you want to sit in on?

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You accidentally slept through your alarm and now you'll be late for work. What do you tell your boss?

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You're going to adopt a new pet! Which new friend will you take home?

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You're at the grocery store. Which treat can't you resist buying?

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You're going on an adventure! Which mode of transport do you choose?

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Time to snuggle up to a Disney movie - what will you pick?

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What physical feature of yours do you like most?

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Which element do you identify with most?

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It's time to head to the bar for a drink. What will you order?

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In your opinion, which Disney villain is the scariest?

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What do you want to do before you die?

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