What's Your Southern Belle Name?

By: Torrance Grey

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About This Quiz

The Southern Belle - icon or cliche? If you're taking this quiz, we'll guess you chose icon! While women in other parts of the United States might bristle at the idea that a Southern woman knows something about femininity and charm that they don't, let's face it... just ask men from England or Australia what kind of American woman they daydream about, and it's usually a girl from south of the Mason-Dixon line, with a honeyed drawl and a full mane of gorgeous hair. 

The archetypical Southern belle has a few things going for her that not all women in Illinois or Maine (let's just say) have grasped. For example, traditional Southern women are like French women in terms of their standards for clothing, hair and makeup. You won't catch a Southern belle chopping her hair off because she's tired of styling it, or going to the store in sweats because "it's just a quick errand." There are standards of grooming at play that never ease up, no matter the humidity. 

A few other charms at the belle's disposal? Good Southern manners, which tend to contrast nicely with the manners found in big Northern cities. Not to mention conversational skills, the Southern sense of humor, and of course, the great cooking of the Southern states. 

Are you ready to learn more about your Southern-girl self? Let's go!

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