What's Your Wedding Etiquette IQ?

Kennita Leon

How many weddings have you gone to throughout your life?

Do you ever RSVP?

Have you ever said you wouldn't go, but ended up going anyway?

Have you ever brought someone to a wedding who wasn't invited by the bride and groom?

How much would you not mind spending to attend an out-of-town wedding?

Do you always pay attention to assigned seating?

What are your thoughts on kids at a wedding?

How many gifts do you get from the time the couple gets engaged to the actual wedding?

What the most you'd spend on a gift?

But what kind of presents would you go for - if you had to choose?

Would you send a gift to a wedding you didn't attend?

Do you think the bride will allow you to give a speech?

Which part of the wedding is your favorite?

What would you do if the groom places the ring on the wrong finger?

Who eats first at weddings?

What are you hoping is on the menu?

The first dance is ....

What would you throw at the happily married couple?

Do you always listen if the bride and groom asks to not take pictures at the wedding?

Would you participate in the bouquet or garter toss?

Who do you hope is performing at the wedding?

Which photo booth prop is all you?

You hear that there isn't going to be any alcohol. Are you still attending the wedding?

How do you feel about cash bars?

Which of these people would you never flirt with at a wedding?

Would you ever hook up with someone from the bridal party?

What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you at the wedding?

If you see the groom struggling to carry the bride over the threshold, what do you do?

What are your thoughts on weddings?

Be honest. Would you invite yourself to your own wedding?

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About This Quiz

Wedding guests can make or break a wedding. If you've got an upcoming ceremony to attend, you need to take this quiz to find out whether you're a married couple's dream or their absolute nightmare.

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