What’s Your Wiccan Look?

Zoe Samuel

For what purpose are the amulets you carry?

Which of these power sayings speaks to you?

How long have you been a Wiccan?

From which pantheon would you most likely draw your patron deity?

What is your primary sort of body art, if any?

What is it that you like best about Wicca?

When do you prefer to have ceremonies?

What type of magick do you prefer to cast for your own benefit on a daily basis?

What god or goddess would you call upon in matters of relationships?

How often do you like to cast magick outside of your home or sacred space?

How many amulets do you typically like to carry on your person?

If you were to wear a single amulet, what purpose would it serve?

What sort of personal effects do you use as amulets?

How do you feel about other people seeing your amulets in public?

Imagine you were to get a tattoo. Which of these tattoo ideas appeals to you?

From what deity would you seek aid in matters of money or career?

Do you change your appearance much when performing a ritual?

Under which astrological sign, if any, are you most active?

When writing for ritual purposes, what kind of ink do you usually employ?

In what language do you cast your magick?

How large is your coven?

Which pop-culture magick user's style do you most admire?

What type of shoes do you prefer to wear?

What area of your life is most influenced by your involvement in Wicca?

How much religious gear, like candles, twine, etc., do you carry every day?

Other than Wicca, what interest do you have that has a major impact on your life?

Do you dabble in "dark" magick?

What's your attitude toward people who disapprove of your religion?

Which of these best describes your profession?

How do your neighbors feel about Wicca?

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About This Quiz

Wicca's roots reach back to ancient pagan traditions and occult practices. Its pantheon includes gods and goddesses from Celtic, Welsh, Norse, Greek and Egyptian mythologies. Paganism aside, Wicca has many things in common with other religions. However, it is not really a traditional "organized" religion. It is also different from many other religions in that it openly embraces ceremonial magic as a central practice of the religion, spelling it "magick." Objects worn or carried either for ceremonial purposes or daily use can have magickal significance. Colors influence the intent and function of magick. Symbols can give intentions a focus. Involving specific deities imbues magick with power.

As a result, to a Wiccan, fashion has to be about a lot more than just what looks appealing. Wiccan style doesn't just communicate a self-image to the world; it is a combination of spells and amulets, a sign to the gods, and a nexus of personal power. Of course, it also has to appeal to the individual self aesthetically! 

Mating magick to fashion may sound as constricting as a bodice, but we can sort out your Wiccan look by way of this quiz. Ready to shop for a new look? Take this quiz, and blessed be!

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