What's Your Wiccan Name?

Marie Hullett

In order to become a Wiccan, you must study the craft for at least a year and a day, according to Scire. (a.k.a. Gerald Gardner). Are you prepared to do so?

You studied hard, and now you've been officially initiated as a Wiccan. What do you hope to attain from your spiritual journey?

Which inhumane part of earth makes your heart ache?

Are you interested in finding a romantic partner along your spiritual journey, or would you prefer to move through this life solo?

Do you identify more with the divine masculine (Great Horned God) or feminine (Great Goddess)?

Which role would you like to fulfill within your new Wiccan community?

Before each ceremony, you will place a special crown upon your head. What will yours feature?

You will also wear a cloak made of which material?

Now, which shoes will you wear into the wilderness?

Which one of these Wiccan quotes speaks to you most deeply?

Children tend to dream big. Growing up, what did you always dream of becoming?

A fellow Wiccan offers you a gift to congratulate you on your initiation. What would you most like to receive?

If you were to retreat into nature to study your craft, where would you go?

In a Wiccan ritual, which tool would you like to source energy from?

Now, it's time to cast a spell. What would you like to stir up in the universe?

Which spiritual being will you invoke for assistance in your ritual?

Where will you perform this divine rite?

Now, which Wiccan element will you thank for its contribution to your spell?

It's time to adorn the altar for the Sabbat. Which one is your favorite?

What will you place upon the altar for this festive occasion?

Now, which type of candles will you light for the seance?

Naturally, your altar also needs a magical crystal. Which stone will you harness power from?

Finally, it's time to choose an herb to put the magic in motion. What will it be?

Everyone Wiccan loves a good sacred ritual. What part of these occasions do you enjoy most?

"If you have time to breathe," spiritual leader Ajahn Amaro once said, "you have time to meditate." Sometimes, it helps to pick a symbol to meditate on. Which Wiccan symbol will you choose?

Time to lay the tarot cards upon the lambskin cloth. During your reading, which Major Arcana card do you draw?

During your reading, the fortune teller reveals a few key insights about your future. What does she say about your career trajectory?

What else do you hope is in your cards?

Before you leave, the fortune teller bids you farewell with this bit of advice. What do you really need to hear right now?

Answering all these questions may have worked up your appetite. Time to enjoy a mystical bite to eat. What will it be?

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About This Quiz

Sometimes called Pagan witchcraft, Wiccan is a contemporary new religious movement developed in early 20th century England. Drawing upon ancient Pagan symbolism and Hermetic Order, the religion endorses many rituals, practices, and teachings that involve the natural and spiritual realm. Due to their divine connection with nature, some religious scholars have dubbed Wicca a "nature religion," a term that many practitioners appreciate.

Wicca's Rule of Three states that the energy extended into the world, positive or negative, will return to that person three times over. The religion is duotheistic, with followers typically worshipping a goddess (Moon or Great Goddess) and god (Horned God). Rather than personal deities, they are often described as impersonal forces inherent throughout the universe. 

If you're interested in joining this accepting, naturalistic religion, you might want to consider a new name. Maybe you're tired of being Anna or Bob, anyway. What about Willow, Grainne or Bronwen instead? Like with other aspects of the religion, Wiccans draw upon the natural world and Pagan legend for name inspiration, as well as the traits inherent to each unique individual. 

Fortunately, this quiz can tell you just what your ideal Wiccan name should be. When you answer a few key questions, you'll be ready to summon the gods and conduct magic rites in the forest in no time. Don't worry, it's not challenging — there are no right or wrong answers, so you won't even need to consult Wiccapedia once. 

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