What's Your Witch Name?

Mark Lichtenstein

How will you be inevitably killed?

Where is your secret lair?

How many languages do you speak?

What is your familiar?

What shade of green is your witch skin?

Where do you go on vacation?

How kind are you?

How would you use your power at work?

What is your ride?

Do you want to enchant your iPhone?

Do you want to enchant clothes?

Do you weigh the same as a duck?

Do you want to use your magic for self-aggrandizement?

Which magician do you like?

What is your relationship with the werewolves like?

Do you want to use your magic to entertain others?

What's the most expensive curse I can buy off you?

What kind of hat do you wear?

What is your relationship with the vampires like?

Do you intend on frightening people?

Can animals sense your power?

Who else is in your coven?

Do you melt in water?

Are you cool?

What's the cheapest curse I can buy off you?

Which element appeals to you?

Where are you from?

How would you use your power around the house?

Can you fly?

Do you want to enchant food?

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About This Quiz

​What’s the point in being a witch without a cool witchy name? No one wants to be a basic witch! Whether you can turn your vacuum into a prince or cast a spell on the yapping dog next door, you need a name that tells the world you are more than just a warty-nosed old hag! Witches like you don’t wear pointy hats or have flying monkeys – witches like you have mad wizardry skills. And it’s time the world addresses you accordingly!

There’s no need to fake being a good witch or to pretend to be bad! Highly sensitive energies could be led astray, and you could be doomed to a name like Ethel forever. Focus your energies on your brand of bewitching ways, and your unique name will be summoned from a deep well of truth and knowledge previously guarded by your elders. While charged with all the magic of the internet, your witch name will then be passed down through the elements, handed off to a goddess and revealed to your screen at the wiggle of a Macbeth-style witch’s crooked finger.

Now, that you're ready to know, we have an incantation all our own -- enchant your fingers, and take a clickity-click - get your witch name without riding broomsticks!

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