Quiz: What's Your Wizard Power?
What's Your Wizard Power?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Being a wizard is one of those things if you have the confidence and the look to pull it off, you can call yourself a wizard, as long as you have some skills to back it up. But when it comes to being a real wizard, some have it, and some don't. In the long run, you need more than a cool robe, a pointy hat, and a nice beard.

So what is your wizard power? Can you read minds and find out what people are thinking? Can you step out of your body and astral project? Are you psychic? Can you see the future? Are you a powerful sorcerer, one that is skilled in magic and spellcasting? Are you extremely intelligent, with the ability to answer any question that is asked of you?  Are you good at card tricks? Of course, to be a truly powerful wizard, you will have mastered much more than just one thing, but hey, you are just starting out, we get it.  We get that you are probably all-knowing, so you probably don't need this quiz to find out what your wizard power is, but just for fun, take this quiz, maybe?

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