Quiz: What's Your World History IQ?
What's Your World History IQ?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Franz Xaver Winterhalter

About This Quiz

Think you are a world history buff? The human race has made leaps and bounds and had its ups and downs over the centuries. From learned conquerors to brutal dictators, from human triumphs to unspeakable tragedies, history has it all. While some people consider history a dull subject, those who know a little more about it are well aware of how strange, interesting and sometimes even funny the figures of the past can be.  

Since the dawn of time, people have done their best to record the events of their lives and societies, in various traditions and writing systems. Whether it's the cuneiform of the ancient Middle East or the hanzi characters used throughout thousands of years of Chinese history, there is a lot to be uncovered throughout the world. Mankind has been keeping note of its own activities for centuries. We can even find remnants of fallen civilizations, like the Ancient Egyptians and the Aztecs, all over the world. There might be thousands of years of history beneath your feet at this very moment.  

If you know your world history and can answer the tough questions about humanity's past, get ready to sink your teeth into this most historic quiz! 

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