What's Your Worst Trait as a Romantic Partner?

Khadija L.

How long was your longest relationship?

What is the most important thing in a relationship?

What would you say is your type?

Which of these is a turn off?

What is your biggest relationship pet peeve?

Why did your last relationship end?

Why would you break up with someone?

What is your current relationship status?

Are you happy with your current status?

What is your love language?

Where would you like to go to on a first date?

What zodiac sign are you most attracted to?

Which of these physical features are you most attracted to?

What are you like in bed?

Which of these celebrity couples is #couplegoals?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how attentive are you?

Which of these things do you like to be complimented on?

Do you have trouble expressing your feelings?

Would you say that you are confrontational?

When your partner gets upset, what do you do?

When things aren’t going well, what do you do?

How long does it take you to forgive someone?

What is your biggest fear when it comes to relationships?

Do you believe in true love?

What are you willing to do for the people you love?

Would you ever stay behind in order to let your partner progress further in their career?

When you don’t hear from your significant other, what is the first thing that runs through your mind?

Does your head get turned easily? (Do your eyes wander onto other people?)

How long does it take you to get back to people who text you?

Which of these colors are you most attracted to?

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About This Quiz

Many of us go through life trying to find that one perfect person who will not only compliment us but also be the person who we could spend the rest of our lives with.  While there is no perfect person, there is a person who is perfect for us.

Everyone has at least one negative quality, but some of these qualities can significantly affect the relationships that we build with others, especially romantic ones. These traits can sometimes cause unnecessary tension and drama making things uncomfortable.

Some of the most common negative traits seen in people include selfishness, being hot-tempered, neediness, poor communication, dishonesty, disrespect, and people who are controlling. Many of those have often been cited as turn-offs, and many people steer clear of people who possess those qualities, but there are also some people willing to compromise and try to make the relationship work. 

What is your worst trait as a romantic partner? Will it be one of the traits listed above or will it be something else, and are you willing to take steps to work on this negative trait after taking this quiz? There is only one way to find out, and that is by taking this quiz!

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