Quiz: What's Your WW1 Job?
What's Your WW1 Job?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Wellcome Images

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World War One was known as the Great War, and until World War Two came along and managed to be even more horrifying, it must have seemed like nothing worse could ever befall the nations of the world. Indeed, in some ways, the Great War was the worst war in history, as it laid waste to an entire generation, reducing many nations to dust as it was fought across their farmland, their fields, and their towns. 

About 10 million armed military personnel died, as well as between 6 and 7 million civilians. The war was truly global, as it was mostly between trios of empires whose influence reached all around the world. It re-aligned politics, swept away old thinking, and opened the door to nascent ideologies: fascism, socialism, communism, anarchism, and of course, true liberal democracy. It was the death knell of the old Great Powers and the last hurrah of absolute monarchy.

How would you have fought in this great conflagration? Would you be one of the poor saps condemned to a hellish no man's land and a trench full of mud and mustard gas? A medic, bringing salvation to those men at risk to yourself? A spy, sneaking behind enemy lines to find out what they were up to? Perhaps you would have been a pilot in the early air force, even knowing how lethal those cobweb-like planes were? Let's find out!

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